Do I need massage or would psychotherapy help me more?
Both Biodynamic Massage and Jungian Psychotherapy offer ways of resolving some of the stresses of modern life.

Because Biodynamic Massage helps to make connections between mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of our lives, people often find that they get in touch with long forgotten feelings and memories which help them to make sense of their present situation. In this way a body oriented therapy can bring insight into an emotional state.

The process of Jungian Psychotherapy, or analysis, by contrast, is one of becoming acquainted with resources and energy which are hidden in the unconscious. It is a journey of profound healing, so whether you choose the “talking” route or the biodynamic, more body oriented route, you are working to restore your energy for life and your freedom to be yourself. Questions to consider if you are wondering which kind of therapy is most suitable would be:

Are there very obvious reasons why you feel stressed, tired, depressed or anxious? Are you overworked, overtired, struggling to cope with a difficult family situation? Are you getting recurrent headaches, back pain, hypertension or other physical symptoms?

Under these circumstances you may find a Biodynamic Massage treatment can ease things.
Are you feeling anxious or depressed but you have no idea why? Do you feel that you have problems that nobody can help you with? Do you suffer from panic attacks? Do you simply want to find a quiet, safe space to tell somebody your story? Do you want to try and make sense of something that troubles you?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you may benefit more from a talking therapy. This is usually a longer term relationship which seeks to raise conscious awareness of dynamics which may be affecting us.